On Monday June 18th 2018 Governor Chris Sununu signed three marriage related bills. According to the Union Leader, all three were fought for by a 19-year-old former girl scout named Cassandra Levesque.

Most people are unaware that the legal age to wed in New Hampshire was 13 for girls and 14 for boys with the permission of a judge. Can you imagine getting married at 13 or 14!? I am about to do it at the age of 30 and some days I think that's too young! (just kidding, i'm ready!)  So with the Governor's signature the legal age will be raised to 16 with a judges permission and to 18 generally.

The issue is one that hits home for Cassandra because both her grandmother and great-grandmother were child brides. She feels that allowing people to wed at such a young age takes away from their future and it shouldn't be an option.

What do you think the legal age to wed in New Hampshire should be?

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