Lot's of Granite Staters will be happy campers on Monday! Hampton beach has been closed for over two months but starting on June 1st, the sand will be open for what Seacoast Online refers to as transitional activities such as walking and swimming. Parking your tush in a beach chair and staying stationary for hours is still not prohibited. And as I've mentioned before, that's how I operate when I am at the beach. I prefer to move as little as possible. It's easier for the sun to find me that way.

The article goes on to say that members of the “Hampton Beach – ‘Official’” Facebook group have voiced some concerns. Will they get in trouble if they are walking at a leisurely pace? What if they stop to pick up shells with their kids? Lisa Martineau, who is the media manager of the Hampton Beach Village District, said of course you can walk around slowly and pick up seashells! The idea is that they don't want anyone stopping and congregating in groups.

Seacoast online mentions that a new traffic plan will be implemented on Thursday. Ocean blvd will be closed off from the lettered side of the streets and restaurants will be expanding their outdoor seating spaces up to the nearest fog line.

So what would happen if you just sat in a beach chair on Hampton Beach next week and refused to move when asked to? That was not answered in the article but it certainly isn't recommended. It is so important that we comply with state regulations during this transitional time. Of course, none of this is ideal. But maybe if we prove that we can handle these privileges and can behave like civilized humans things will continue to go back to normal.

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