As we celebrate our nation's birthday tomorrow, in between bites of our hot dogs and macaroni salad, and trying to figure out what time the fireworks start, many of us will talk about freedom, liberty, and patriotism.

I've always thought of New England as perhaps the most patriotic part of the United States. I mean c'mon...The Revolutionary War didn't start in Chicago or San Antonio. Nope, it happened right here in New England.

While we may be the birthplace of freedom, alas, we are not the most patriotic part of the country. According to a new study by WalletHub, Virginia is the most patriotic state in the entire country. Alaska and Wyoming round out the top 3. Heck, a New England state isn't even in the Top 10.

Source: WalletHub

So which state in the great northeast rates highest in patriotism? Maine. That's right, Vacationland came in number 11.

And while "Live Free or Die" may be the the coolest state slogan ever, but New Hampshire came in 13th place. Vermont wasn't far off in 19th place. I'm not thrilled with any of those results. But compared to Massachusetts...we look like flag-waving, God Bless The USA singing freaks!

Massachusetts...the home of The Boston Tea Party, and so much of our rich national history...came in number 50. That's right...Massachusetts is the least patriotic state in the entire country.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. After all, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan so I can't just completely diss them. But dead last? Come on Massachusetts you have to do better than that. I guess we all do though.

So this 4th of matter where you your flag, have a hot dog, watch some fire works. We're all Americans. Take pride in our country. And for the love of God and country...don't talk about politics with your crazy uncle. That guy is nuts.

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