If you frequent downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, chances are you have encountered Deb Cram, "the Living Statue", and didn't even know it.  Deb can stay so very still that you might think she is actually made of bronze metal, until she decides to move and scare you!

This video cracks me up:

How did Deb Cram decide she wanted to be a living statue? 

Well, it's a fascinating tale! When Deb was a teen, a mime came to perform for her high school. She was SO captivated and intrigued that she decided right then and there she wanted to go to mime school. She never did, because life happens!

40 years later, Deb and her wife took their kids to Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, to the exhibit called PlayTime. It focuses on how important play is in one’s life. On the ride, she decided that she was going to be a living statue, and this time she meant it!

Over the years, Deb has posed as a wide variety of people/characters:

A Dotman: 


Living statue Deb Cram appears to be walking off a canvas while Dottie the dog sits by as they team up with G.Willikers Toy Shop for an event this summer.
[Courtesy photo by Joanne Hoerth-Cram][/caption]A Caroler:

Rich Beauchesne/Seacoastonline
Rich Beauchesne/Seacoastonline



Living statue Deb Cram portrays a young Elvis during The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth event street.life!2019.
[Courtey photo by Phitted Media][/caption]Albert Einstein: 


A Revolutionary War Hero: 


A Pirate:


Living statue Deb Cram is Captain PJ Saltwater as one of the many characters she has created. Cram sometimes busks as a street performer in Portsmouth and Congdon's After Dark in Wells,Maine or gets hired for events to be a living statue.
[Courtesy photo by Joanne Hoearth-Cram][/caption]Even Vincent Van Gogh: 


Living statue Deb Cram portrays a Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait while standing in Market Square observing a various amount of reactions of passer-byers. Cram often busks while in character and puts a bucket out for donations for the performance art.
[Courtesy photo by Karen Dandurant][/caption]Deb told me:

"One of my goals is to create educational opportunities to perform and connect with students in hopes of inspiring youngsters and make them think outside the box in an artistic, creative, reflective and fun way."

Do you want to try being a living statue too? According to Deb, it takes a series of steps to create a costume that looks bronze.

"You start out painting the material with black. I use house paint but you should experiment. Then I dry brush with a brown and then highlight with gold. I finish it off with Ultra Cover Gloss Clear General Purpose Paint to make it shine. It takes some experimenting but don’t give up."

Keep up the great work, Deb. We love to see people following their dreams! I hope to see you around Portsmouth when the weather gets a little warmer!

Follow her on Facebook at Deb Cram - Living Statue. PS: her services are available for parties!

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