I love the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, now the Daily Social Distancing Show. I am a big fan of Trevor Noah's work ever since I read his book "Born a Crime" for my book club. I get excited to see which hoodie Trevor is going to sport on the show, he has such an extensive collection.

It was SUPER exciting to see our beloved Porthole restaurant appear in one of their segments. The Porthole is one of my favorite seafood spots in the Old Port. I love sipping on drinks on the deck and I've been known to go in there and shake my tail feather on a Saturday night (back in the good old days when it wasn't frowned upon to sweat in the presence of strangers)

The Porthole is mentioned (about 2 mins in) as an example of why dining outdoors isn't ideal.


Thankfully, it's nothing against the restaurant! They are doing a great job with what they have. Unfortunately, Mainers haven't figured out how to control mother nature otherwise they would have made some changes a  long time ago.

I would still take dining in the oppressive heat or the rain over the rat problem they are dealing with in NYC. Fettuccine a la plague, anyone?!

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