Tom Brady’s Commercial for Subway Leaves Fans Scratching Their Heads


What?  Does he need the money?  Umm, what about this TB12 diet program?  There is NOTHING on Subway’s menu that Tom Brady would eat so why sign him as a spokesman?  Well, Subway has done just that complete with the filming of a commercial according to  According to reporting, Brady has already shot an ad for the company.


Subway Goes a Long Way to Rehab Their Image


Subway has faced some problems recently.  The New York Times recently reported that there was “no amplifiable tuna DNA” in their tuna according to  Not only no tuna in their tuna but according to food standards in Ireland, there is too much sugar in a subway sandwich bread roll that it can’t legally be described as bread in the country.  Whoa.


Why Would Brady Do This?


So why would Brady endorse a company whose food he would never eat?  Money, Money, Money can be the only motive.  So, what will Brady have to say about the chain?  Something like, ‘hey I won’t eat it but you can.’ I mean I can’t even guess what Brady would have to say about the restaurant chain. Brady recently appeared on the Dax Shepard Podcast ‘Armchair Expert’ and said “Over time, what I’ve noticed is that my taste buds change. I went from, I loved Subway and Burger King and all those types of things, to now, it’s like, the thought of that is like no way! No way!” according to reporting by  I think he should just stick to football.


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