Kindness can be found in the strangest of places.  We often have people touch our lives in miraculous ways and they are lost to us and we feel a void that we can never thank them personally.  Many communities have Facebook forum pages where residents can post things like new traffic patterns or find lost pets, but Facebook can help us find the strangers that reward us with kindness too.

According to seacoastonline Luann Sayer of Kingston was involved in a horrific accident just after New Year’s Day on her way to work in Exeter.  A truck hit her vehicle and it overturned leaving her trapped and panic-stricken in the car.  A young man named Alton stopped and talked to her until emergency services arrived.  Sawyer says “he just constantly talked to me.  I was glad he did that.  He could have just kept on going.”  Alton let her use his cellphone to call her boyfriend.  When the Exeter firefighters arrive, Alton could see she was in good hands and went on his way.


Seacoastonline says Luann felt a deep need to thank Alton for staying with until emergency services arrived.  She posted a picture of the accident scene of Facebook and thorough the wonders of the internet, someone recognized Alton Veroneau and she was able to reach out and thank him. Sure, there are trolls and some hate being posted on Facebook but there is also a side that allows communities to connect with each other in a deeper way.  I’m looking for more positive news in the new year and this story touched my heart.



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