Brittany Elizabeth took the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page to share a photograph of a very rare Canadian Lynx. It was spotted on Route 3 near Third Connecticut Lake. Apparently Brittany was able to identify this animal as a Canadian Lynx by the black tufts of hair that are visible on it's ears. That is a characteristic that differentiates the Canadian Lynx from the rest.

Brittany Elizabeth via Facebook
Brittany Elizabeth via Facebook

According to Canadian Geographic, Canadian Lynxes also have big feet that act like snow shoes in the Winter and sharp claws that don't mess around. They have long legs but aren't fast. they prefer to lie down and wait for their prey and then BOOM! POUNCE! It's tough to tell a Canadian Lynx from it's relative, the bobcat. But the site reveals that the truth is in the tail. Lynx tails are completely black-tipped, while bobcat tails have a white ring below the black tip. Unfortunately, the deTAIL isn't visible in this photo. (see what I did there?)

There are still a few skeptics in the comments saying that the tufts of hair would be more visible in this shot and they think it is probably a bobcat. But we can all agree on one thing, this is a majestic creature indeed!

People in the comments mentioned spotting these beauties at Pawtuckaway State Park, Canaan, and Lyndeborough. Have you ever seen one?

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