A pal of the radio station, Sage Mackenzie, shared the above photo on her Facebook page and I just needed to know more about these precious angels.

Sage shared with me that she spotted these two raccoons down by the bay in Greenland, New Hampshire. They were just chilling on the train tracks and there was no mama raccoon in sight!

I asked Sage if he called New Hampshire Fish and Game to report them because they look so little, I figured they might be separated from their mother. She said that after some research she learned that they are old enough to live on their own and were not in harm's way. Therefore she didn't make the call. And if you are wondering if she picked them up or touched them, she was tempted to but thought better of it. A quick cuddle didn't seem worth potentially catching rabies. Smart woman!

Sage was surprised at how comfortable these little guys (or gals) were around people. At one point she was sitting on the track and one tried to walk right under her legs. Cheeky little bugger. I assume they are hungry and thought the humans might have some food.

If you ever wondered what sound a baby raccoon makes, wonder no more! I would describe it as a cross between a bird's caw and a mouses' squeak.

It's clear from the video above that one is reddish brown and the other is dark so Sage was able to tell them apart. She said the reddish brown was the runt, she/he stumbled along a little more and the dark one was acted as her/his protector.

These raccoons are pretty famous on the streets of Greenland, New Hampshire. Let's just say if they had an Instagram, they would have more followers than I do.

Thanks so much for telling me about your new friends, Sage! I hope to meet them someday.

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