The folks at were curious what is the largest event in each state? So they decided to figure it out. They took into account how many attendees the event draws and how many years it has been happening.

For New Hampshire, I don't think any of us are surprised that our largest event is Laconia Bike Week. It draws over 300,000 people and originated back in 1923.

In Maine the largest event is the Maine Lobster Festival, which if you didn't know is a five day lobster festival in Rockland, Maine. It draws in people from all over the world, around 80,000 to be exact! People have been piling into Rockport to enjoy tasty crustaceans at the Maine Lobster Festival for 71 years.

As far as the rest of New England; Vermont has the Strolling of the Heifers Parade and Festival (I would attend that but I'd probably have a COW! bahaha) Massachusetts has their Annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade, Rhode Island has The Newport Folk Fest, and Connecticut also has their St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Have you attended any of these events that have been named the largest in their state?  Check out the full list here

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