I think it is really exciting when you're watching a movie and are like "Hey! I know exactly where that scene was filmed. I've been there before!" That happened to me when I was watching Adam Sandler's movie, Hubie Halloween. Most of that movie was filmed on the North Shore of Massachusetts, and since I lived in Beverly for a few years, I recognized a lot of places!

I did some digging and was surprised to learn how many movies were filmed right here in our own backyard. Did you know about all of these?

In Your Eyes

Exeter, New Hampshire (as well as Claremont, Manchester, and Hooksett)

The opening sledding sequence was filmed in the Mcintyre Ski Area.

I Feel Pretty

Salisbury, Massachusetts

This movie starring Amy Schumer is absolutely HILARIOUS! When Amy Schumer's character Renee goes on a first date with Ethan, they are walking around Broadway in Salisbury. You can see Cristy's Pizza as clear as day in the background, and the bar where she enters the bikini contest was the Carousel Lounge. And according to onlocationtours.com, the scene where she falls off a spin bike at SoulCycle was filmed at Legacy Place in Dedham. Pretty cool, right?!

The Good Son

Greenland, New Hampshire (also Conway, North Conway, and Beverly, Massachusetts)

Holy crap, this movie from 1996 still haunts my dreams. It's a thriller starring Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood, and let's just say Macaulay's character is far from Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. This child is pure evil. According to NHLiving.com Macaulay's character Henry tosses a dummy off a bridge onto a highway just to watch the cars crash. The bridge was in Greenland, New Hampshire. Oh, and in another scene, Henry takes his sister ice skating and attempts to kill her. This was filmed in Jackson, New Hampshire,

The Equalizer

Salisbury, Massachusetts (also Haverhill, Salem, Ipswich)

I haven't seen this movie yet, but it stars Denzel Washington, so you KNOW it's going to be good. According to Newburyport News, Salisbury beach was chosen for the background of an amusement park scene.

Love in Kilnerry

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This romantic comedy filmed scenes at a ton of familiar spots, including The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, The Strand Theater in Dover, and New Castle!

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