I just stumbled on this list of nicknames for New Hampshire towns. The internet is a funny place. If some of these offend you, I ask that you not shoot the messenger. Feel free to take your issues up with the people of Reddit. Specifically, the members the of r/NewHampshire community.

Who comes up with these nicknames? Why are there such terrible nicknames for really nice towns? I think it's the same mentality as when you were in school and one of your classmates had a funny last name. It's just fun to change their last names and make them sound even funnier. My husband is Steven Greenberger and when I met him I called him "Steven Green booger". I'd laugh and he would roll his eyes because that was the 40 thousandth time someone called him that. Now we're married and I am a Green Booger too, so I guess the joke's on me.

In any case, are you ready for this list? Here we go...

Rochester - Rottenchester

Laconia - Crackonia

Somersworth - Scummersworth

Hooksett - Hicksett

Nashua - Trashua

Manchester - Manchvegas

Hanover - Hangover

Hudson - Mudson

Winchester - Winchentuckey (or Incester...yikes)

Merrimack - Merrimac&cheese

Rindge -  Findge (very large Finnish community, apparently)

Milford - Milf-ord (the Milf capital of NH? Who knew?!)

Contoocook - Tooky

Derry - The Dirty D

Do you have any more to add to this list?


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