Have you ever been in the presence of a pastry that is almost too pretty to eat? The icing is like a work of art, the colors are a feast for the eyes, consuming it would seem like committing a crime!

But alas, after you snap a few photos for your Instagram from every possible angle, you find it in your heart to eat the darn thing.

Because at the end of the day, a sweet treat wants to be eaten. If you don't, there's a good chance it's feelings will be hurt and it will feel totally rejected. We don't want that do we?!

I recently joined a group on Facebook called "Seacoast Eats" and it was probably the best click ever. I am discovering all of these amazing restaurants that have been right under my nose!

Kristen Lavoie shared the photo below with the group and I couldn't believe my eyes. It is a cake from Sweetened Memories in Durham, New Hampshire. It is a maple delight cake with salted caramel buttercream. HOW GOOD DOES THAT SOUND?! (sorry for yelling)

Kristen Lavoie via Facebook
Kristen Lavoie via Facebook

Kristen knew that the people would want confirmation if the cake tasted as excellent as it looked. She said the cake tasted AMAZING! She said Sweetened Memories totally over delivered! She essentially ordered a cake with something basic written on it and they created this masterpiece.

Apparently, their cupcake selection is amazing as well!

It's settled, for my next big celebration (which is my birthday, May 27th for anyone wondering) I will be requesting a cake from Sweetened Memories! Check out more of their creative confections here.

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