Things have been pretty easy breezy up until this point. We have been lucky to have the help from my mother-in-law to be who is the most organized woman on the planet. She has made sure that nothing slips through the cracks!

There really hasn't been a step in this process that makes me want to rip my hair out of my head until now. The seating plan. Who is going to sit with who? OMG WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!

Here are the top five stressful things about making the seating chart at your wedding:

1. The Friends Who Don't Know Other Friends

You have to think about their personality and who they would "mesh with" so to speak. Who will they be able to find common ground with? You don't want to put them with someone else no one wants to sit with because just because they don't know your friends or family that well, doesn't mean they deserve to be punished! Which leads me to next source of strife:

2. The Uncle No One Can Stand

He might be on the bride's side or the groom's and maybe it's not even an uncle at all. Perhaps it's an aunt, cousin, family friend that your mom made you invite, whatever! Everybody has one. He'll complain about the food, the decibel of the music and everything in between. And you need to decide which unfortunate souls you need to stick him with.

3. The People Who Are Related But Don't Speak

Every family has some baby mama drama. No? Just me?  For example, a situation where two brothers don't speak because brother one lent brother two a bunch of money circa 2003. Brother one wants nothing to do with brother number two and if the two had to sit at the same table, madness and mayhem would ensue. This is all hypothetical of course.

4. The People That Can Get Along With Anyone

Okay, I know this one doesn't sould like a negative thing. It's a wonderful trait to have! However, you wish that you could duplicate this person/couple because you could really use their positive energy at a few different tables.

5. Work Friends

Perhaps you are inviting a few friends from work but it's not enough to fill a whole table. Well, who the heck do you add?  A random aunt and uncle would feel very out of place. But if you pick college or high school friends they might be like "Why did we get put at the Work Friends table?" It's a whole thing.

At the end of the day, I realize this is trivial stuff to stress about. People will make the most at whichever table they are assigned and staying up at night going through the tables in my head is not helping anyone.

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