Travel + Leisure magazine released an article highlighting the top 10 islands in the continental U.S. New England was all up in that top 10, Mount Desert Island came in at #2 and Nantucket was #6. According to, readers rated the islands based on activities, natural attractions, beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value.

I have never been to either and now I feel like I'm missing out. I have a special fondness for Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts which didn't make the top 10. It has great food, awesome nightlife and is a quick and easy ferry ride from Falmouth or Woods Hole. If you dock at Oak Bluffs, you must try a dirty banana at Donovan's Reef! Donovan is a friendly islander who knows how to whip up a delicious frozen drink. My favorite part is he sings while the drinks are blending. He's pretty much famous. Here I am with him circa 2011:

What is your favorite island to visit?

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