I'm in love, and I found my dream spot!

I don't know if you know this about me, but I love the beach, not necessarily to go swimming (beware of sharks) but just to chill and meditate, soak in the salt air. I mean I just love it, and it's my favorite thing to do. It's a dream of mine to live on the beach (yea, yea, maybe one day.)

I love walks on the beach or just along the coastline. The prettiest place that I have seen as far as walking by the coast is located in La Jolla, California.

Now, I am currently living in a hotel at Hampton Beach, so the other day I was walking on Ocean Boulevard.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I said to my self, "Wow, this is amazing!" I never thought I would find a place as beautiful as La Jolla, but I did. Walking along right on the coast with all those rocks and big boulders is my favorite place to be so far in New Hampshire!

You know what else I enjoy? Car watching when it's nice out, and on weekends, I get to see some pretty awesome cars! I wish I still had my my jeep, because it's very cool to drive with the top down and the wind blowing in your hair!

I guess I need to buy me a convertible.

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