Being burglarized is scary when it happens to your neighbor. It's terrifying when it happens to you, and one New Hampshire community is at the greatest risk.

According to FBI data, over a million and a half burglaries were reported across the United States in 2015. We hope, of course, yours wasn’t among the households burgled that year. However, your chances of experiencing a break-in might depend on where you live. For example, Weare, is reltively crime free. However, it's less than a half hour away from the biggest hotbed of theft activity in the Granite State!

If you instantly thought Manchester, you were right on the money. With a population of 110,661, and just under seven hundred burglaries, it ranks as #1, according to the website Math tells us that puts Manch at 60.5 burglaries per 10,000 people. Yikes!

What do you do? Well, you don't have to move. Simple tricks like hiding your inner wealth always help. Foe example; the 60 TV you just bought? Don't leave the packaging outside waiting for the garbage truck. Don't tell Facebook you're 1,000 miles away on a tropical island. Resist the urge to photo brag UNTIL you get home. Thieves might catch that one.

Oh, and it's overlooked more often than you think: Lock your doors!



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