Police department Facebook pages are typically informative and straight to the point, no funny business. That was until office Moore injected his light hearted humor into the police force's Facebook page.

According to WMUR, Officer Geoff Moore is 28 year old who has known he wanted to be a police officer since he was 16.  Moore started taking over writing facebook posts for the department as of two weeks ago.

He's injected humor into the practice of posting surveillance photos of  people who have shoplifted.

A recent post read "This die hard Chicago Bulls fan not only forgot to curve the brim of his hat, but he also forgot to pay for his merchandise, too,"

Another post from Monday said "There were two theft suspects that had hair that resembled Harry and Lloyd from 'Dumb and Dumber,' Harry and Lloyd parked their sheep van in downtown Rochester, and came in and stole from the Cumberland Farms on Knight Street,"

This tactic is working! That post had been taken down within two hours because both suspects were identified.

The page has reached 55,000 more people than it had two weeks ago all thanks to Officer Moore's new approach.

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