A cat in England has been reunited with its owner after going missing for more than a year. The SPCA discovered her roaming the streets, but they couldn’t read her microchip. The branch manager put a picture of the cat on Facebook and Twitter and asked for help. The post was shared by dozens and dozens of people. Oh, the beauty of social media.

Eventually, those posts reached the cat's owner who revealed the cat's name is Cookie. The microchip was unreadable in England because Cookie was microchipped in Sweden. She was lost sometime after the woman moved from Sweden to England in 2015. She says her boyfriend was looking on Facebook, when he saw a picture of a cat on the SPCA page. So he tagged her in it because he thought the cat looked like Cookie. Of course, when she realized it actually was Cookie she was over the moon!

This story reminds me of when my indoor cat Seymour got out of the house a few Summers ago. He was gone for about a week and it was pouring rain for several days. Our hearts were broken but we kind of came to terms with the fact that Seymour was gone for good. Then a neighbor of ours said that a cat with one glazed over eye had been hiding under her deck for days! Sure enough, it was Seymour and we had the most beautiful reunion. And that was only after a week! I can't imagine the feeling of being reunited after a year!

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