Candy Finley‎ shared this photo on Facebook of a peeping Tom mean muggin' her through a window in Chichester, New Hampshire.

People are really glad she did. It got over 1,000 likes! What do you think this turkey would say if he could talk? I bet it would be something like, "Did I hear we're having chili tonight?"

Turkeys are bold, fearless and never cease to amaze me! Remember last year in Litchfield , New Hampshire when the papa turkey stopped traffic so his family could cross the street safely? I think he is now employed as a crossing guard by the city of Litchfield.

If you spot one of these gorgeous creatures, kindly let NH Fish and Game know so they can attempt an annual count. Have you ever got up close and personal with a turkey like this? (and I don't mean on Thanksgiving) Share your turkey tale in the comments!

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