I am a member of the The (un)Official City of Dover, NH, Facebook page. Ever since starting mornings on WOKQ I have come to know and love the places and faces of Dover. It is such a charming and special place. I can tell from following the page that  residents of Dover are a tight knit family. In times of strife they support each other and lift each other up. And if someone is doing something great, they are right there on the sidelines chanting their name! Though, sometimes not on purpose. Hear me out!

A member of the group named Micaela posted about a "Missed Connection" yesterday and it had me howling with laughter because the whole thing is so deliciously awkward. And the way she describes it, you feel like you witnessed it too.

Long story short, Micaela's husband was out for a long training run on Sunday. She and her 10-year-old had been tracking dad's progress on his running app so when he appeared to be close to the house, they went out to the drive way to cheer him on. They saw a white hat and safety yellow windbreaker approach them and the 10-year-old said "dad's already back!" The two started cheering like they were on the sidelines at the Boston marathon. As the figure got closer, they realized this was a stranger and not the person they meant to be cheering for at all. The stranger looked confused as he continued to run passed them. Micaela's husband was a few paces behind and they directed all future cheering to him.

She ends the post with this sweet sentiment to the stranger that she accidentally cheered for:

"Run on, sweet safety yellow man. May the wind be at your back and our unsolicited cheering be forever in your heart. ‍♂️"

This story really hit home for many and brought lots of joy. At some point in our lives we have all have enthusiastically waved at someone and then realized "HEY, I DON'T KNOW THAT PERSON!"

Here's what the people are saying:

Cristy Tripp: Micaela I can picture this so clearly You’re a good wife

Patrick Houle: I knew it wasn’t me when you said running

I sifted through all of the comments and so far "Sweet Safety Yellow Man" has yet to come forward. Either he hasn't seen the post or he prefers to remain anonymous. Either way, you just keep being you, Micaela, because you are awesome!

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