OK, we all understnd that toys in this day and age can't just be for fun. They have to teach kids something about the real world. But does your toddler really need to know about the TSA?

Courtesy: Amazon.com
Courtesy: Amazon.com

There it is ladies and gentlemen, The Playmobil Security Checkpoint! All the fun of America's Transportation Security Administration without that awkward pat down and pocket squeeze.

The people at Playmobil make all kinds of toys based both in the real world and fictional places. You can buy a toy truck or an entire mall. This baby has all you need to open your own airport, and yes the Playmobil folks have that too!

If you're thinking that this set-up is a little pricey, you're right. That's also the reason it's on Amazon. The folks at Playmobil have discontinued this little slice-of-life gem so you can't buy it from them anymore. Will this be a collectible item 10 years from now? Probably, since 10 years from now we'll all probably be going through airports naked with a thermometer in our mouths checking for Ebola.

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