Some countries have stopped buying our waste as a result of the contamination.

It's a nationwide problem which is being felt locally. According to Fosters Daily Democrat, the city of Somersworth is attempting to trim costs associated with its recycling program. Reported by Fosters, City Manager Bob Belmore presented a memo from Waste Management Representative Peter Lachapelle that said the City’s processing fee for recycling will increase to $89.89 per ton, an increase of about 4 percent. Much of the increase is tied to the lack of market for recycling, as it has been contaminated over the years. According the New York Times, China, one of the largest purchasers of U.S. recycling, has quit buying most U.S. recyclables for this reason.

Some of the problem is on locals, according to at-large Councilor Dale Sprague, who told Fosters it isn't residents, so much. Sprague said the city's cardboard drop off area is starting to become “a bit of a nuisance.” “It seems like a lot of contract workers, more than residents, are using it.” "I don’t think it’s residents that are taking it from their doorsteps and taking time to cut stuff and bring it down there,” Sprague said. “So we’re going to do a little bit more investigating.”  One of the solutions was to monitor it with a security camera.



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