Why do you hate fun? What have you got against smiles? How come you are allergic to happiness?

Those are the only conclusions that can be drawn after you ruined a perfectly wonderful road sign in Hampton Balls, New Hampshire.

Photo Credit: Jon Rineman
Photo Credit: Jon Rineman

People were delighted by this. It brought joy to the joyless, hope to the hopeless. But that joy vanished this past Sunday, when I sought joy, hope, and wonder…and instead saw this.

Photo Credit: Jon Rineman
Photo Credit: Jon Rineman

Hampton Falls. Just like my heart.

Why would you resort to such vandalization? The Hampton Balls sign brought nothing but glee. Don’t believe me? Check out some of the reader responses to the first story:

"This is the kind of low effort high comedy we need right now"


"This is actually pretty funny and the least destructive thing going on in the world"


“That’s awesome no harm done little bit of humor never hurts anyone. To many people are way to serious now a days lighten up and have some humor!”


"Whoever did this is nuts!"


"Year ago I remember someone modifying a sign by adding an "F" in front of the word "Arts", changing the name from "Concord Center for the Arts"."

While that last comment has inspired me, let’s circle back to the matter at hand. And that is, of course, Hampton Balls. What is happening to New Hampshire’s sense of humor? This is almost as bad as the store a few towns over that banned telling jokes.

Come on. Restore the sign. Don’t be a sad sack.

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