Wow, okay, Tom, we get it. You like warm weather.

According to Tom Brady was quoted as saying “You won’t catch me dead living in the northeast anymore.”  I won’t point out that the statement by Brady is kind of ridiculous like you won’t be living if you are dead but whatever.

That stings to New England that has so much charm, a beautiful change of seasons, lovely winters by the fire sipping hot cocoa.

What about the fans, Tom?  But in Tom’s defense, he did grow up in sunny California.  Sure, he played for Michigan during his college years, which is pretty cold, and then to New England, but he probably does miss the warm weather.

Personally, I went to high school in central Florida and I would never go back.  I love the change of seasons and despise humidity. I played baseball in high school, and there were times when the humidity is so high it feels like you are drinking the air not breathing it.

According to Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, “You can’t beat this weather.  It’s something that Tom talks about all the time.  He just enjoys this weather.  Every day he can’t believe what it’s like down here – especially coming from up north,” per

Looks like Tom is putting down roots.  He just purchased a $17 million home on Indian Creek Island in Miami.  The Bradys are said to tear down the home and build a new home on the land.  I’m pretty sure they will be designing a nice dock for the multi-million-dollar boat that Tom just purchased.

As of this writing, it's 80 and sunny in Tampa, Florida.

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