As the year winds down and we get close to the start of 2024, the yearly recaps begin.

This is your Spotify Wrapped, the 2023 word of the year, person of the year, etc. What I always like to know is the end-of-the-year top Google searches.

The World Population Review 2023 analyzed the top Google searches per state and the results were really interesting. Many states that are close in proximity have the same top searches.

Now there are massive news stories that affect every state nationwide, and those stories are in nearly every state's top Google searches. However, there are certain topics and stories that were primarily searched in specific states.

Damar Hamlin and ChatGPT made every list in every state. Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on Jan 2, 2023, during a football game. ChatGPT has forever changed the way we use AI daily.

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Below are the top Google Searches in 2023 for every New England state, based on The World Population Review.


Damar Hamlin, Super Bowl, Chat GPT, Ken Block, Hogwart's Legacy

It was interesting to see Ken Block's name on this list. Ken Block was the founder of DC Shoes. He was a stuntman, a professional rally driver with the Hoonigan Racing Division, and known for his adrenaline sports YouTube channel. He died at the age of 55 this year.

I guess Vermont is known for snowmobiling, skiing, and other adrenaline-type sports, so it fits.


Damar Hamlin, Chat GPT, Super Bowl 2023, Temu, Justine Siegemund

I'll say it. I had to Google Justine Siegemund. On March 28, 2023, Google's Doodle celebrated Siegemund:

"a midwife who dared to challenge patriarchal attitudes in the 17th century," according to an INews article. "She was the first person in Germany to write a book on obstetrics from a woman’s perspective. On this day in 1690, the European University Viadrina Frankfurt certified her book, The Court Midwife, as an official medical textbook. During a time when few women had access to formal education, Siegemund became the first woman to publish a seminal medical text in German.”

I guess the people of Connecticut wanted to know what the Google Doodle was all about!


Damar Hamlin, Chat GPT, Lindsay Clancy, The Last of Us, Hogwart's Legacy

Ahh, the only state in New England with a TV show as the most searched. No, I have never seen The Last of Us, but it has blown up this year.

Also, this is one of the many states with "Hogwarts Legacy" as a top search. This is an action role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros.

I'm not a video game guy, but apparently the world is on board, and so is Massachusetts.

Universal Studios Hollywood Hosts The Opening Of "The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter" - Inside
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Rhode Island:

Damar Hamlin, Chat GPT, Super Bowl, Tyre Nichols, Temu

I find it ironic that Temu, an online marketplace based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a top search for Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine, but NOT Massachusetts.


Damar Hamlin, Chat GPT, Super Bowl, Wind chill warning, Temu

Now this is fitting. "Wind chill warning" as a top Maine Google search is simply hilarious and so fitting.

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New Hampshire:

Damar Hamlin, Chat GPT, Super Bowl, Lindsay Clancy, wind chill warning

Just like our neighbors to the north, New Hampshire was also concerned with the wind chill this year. Also, Lindsay Clancy was only found as a top search in New Hampshire. If you don't remember, Clancy is the Massachusetts mother accused of killing her three young children before attempting to take her life.

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