In addition to heavy rains and thunder, other types of severe weather are a possibility for the Granite State this afternoon.

What a roller coaster. Just last week, it was heated seats and snow brushes for parts of New Hampshire. Fast forward a week, and forecasters are calling for weather we generally experience in mid July.

According to CBS 13, Meteorologist Dustin Bonk says severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening in much of southern New Hampshire and parts of southern and western parts of Maine. Long reported warm and humid conditions ahead of a cold front "will provide good fuel for any potential strong storms."

WMTW News 8 Meteorologist Sarah Long noted during her Sunday night forecast that the system moving through posed a "small concern" for tornadoes touching down across the area.

According to WMUR News 9, it will be a one day warm up, as temps ease back to the mid 60's on Tuesday, but expect a hefty breeze.



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