What is THAT?  A recent trail cam photo really raised eyebrows on whether Lowell, Maine has its own version of the Chupacabra. The photo posted by bangordailynews.com drew a lot of reader engagement with their guesses.  The animal is extremely hard to identify from the trail cam photo and looks downright terrifying.  I hope I don’t run into one of the mystery beasts on any of my hikes.


After posting the photo and having readers post their guesses as to what the creature was, the Bangordailynews.com turned to the experts.  After the news outlet originally posted the photo, local wildlife experts were in disagreement and analyzed the photo further.  The guesses ranged from capybara to kinkajou, beaver, wolverine, and porcupine.  The editor of the article mused if it was not “[a] beast had escaped from atop Stephen King’s wrought iron fence in Bangor and was actually a gargoyle.”


The experts from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Biologists Shevenell Webb, Keel Kemper and Bob Cordes, and trapper Bob Noonon had a debate via an email exchange and all of the experts made excellent points.  After much discussion on the quality of trail cam photos and appendages of animals and the unusual posture of the mystery beast, the final decision was reached that it is a porcupine.  A very soaking wet porcupine which may have obscured the signature quills from the photo.  Whatever the beast is, I do NOT want to run into one in the woods, especially in the dark.  Yikes!



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