Next time you want to impress your friends at trivia night, you can tell them that Russian dressing was invented right here in the Granite State!

I never would have guessed that Russian dressing was invented in New Hampshire, but it's true. According to New England Historical Society, Russian dressing was invented Nashua's James E. Colburn,  around 1910.

Russian dressing is probably best-known for being the condiment of choice for Reuben sandwiches. (Here's one of my favorite Reuben sammies from Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth).

Credit Roundabout Diner Facebook Page

The dressing is a concoction of mayonnaise, ketchup, chives, pimentos, horseradish and a blend of spices.

So, now you know. Russian dressing was NOT invented in Russia, but right here in Nashua.