Things to remember when you’re flying: a valid license or passport, to weigh your bag, make sure any liquids are less than 3.4 ounces, maybe a neck pillow.

From personal experience, I’d also recommend removing any jewelry and using some hand sanitizer right before you go through security (and yes, despite this, I always get pulled aside and patted down!).

Things NOT to remember? A loaded handgun!

Well, according to WMUR, a woman did not heed that advice at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport!

The news station said that the TSA reported finding a loaded handgun with eight bullets in a carry-on bag. After being questioned, the woman allegedly said she forgot that she had the gun in her bag.

No criminal charges were pressed, and the woman was allowed to give the gun to a friend who was not traveling with her, according to the news station.

The TSA told WMUR that passengers are only allowed to bring firearms in checked baggage, and that’s only if they’re unloaded, properly packaged and declared.

According to the TSA website, a similar event happened at Logan on December 30th when a Merrimack, NH, man was caught trying to bring a loaded semi-automatic handgun onto his flight.

That man was detained by Massachusetts State Police.

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