You may remember that back in April, the Tuckaway Tavern was featured on the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" again! With the pandemic, Guy wasn't able to come into the restaurant and get the full Tuckin' experience. But what they did was pretty darn cool, it was a takeout addition. They sent Guy, meat lover extraordinaire, a whole bunch of meat that he grilled at his house.

But this week, the Tuckaway posted this cryptic Facebook status which has got me thinking Guy will be back in the building:

This has made the Tuckaway's loyal fan base go buck wild. They need details! Is Guy really coming to town? Or is it Gordon Ramsay? When will the episode air? And what's the deal with the tiger? Is the Tuckaway adding tiger tips to their menu? I know Tiger King was a big sensation in 2020 so perhaps they are just trying to stay on brand.

Time will tell! Keep your eye on the Tuckaway Tavern Facebook page for all of the updates. And remember, get your tuck’n tips and farm burger today because they will be closed tomorrow.

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