Imagine a brisk New England day… you’ve gotten up early and just finished a 10-mile hike looping around a 4,000-foot mountain. You’re feeling pretty good when you look down and get that sinking feeling in your stomach.

Your ring is missing!

That’s the situation that Bill Giguere of Massachusetts found himself in, according to WMUR Channel 9.

The odds of finding his ring again in such a vast area seemed unimaginable. So Bill turned to Facebook!

That’s where hikers Tom Gately and Brendan Cheever came into the picture.

They had planned on doing the same hike on Mount Hancock in New Hampshire and decided to help. Gately tells WCVB in a video posted on WMUR that they weren’t feeling too confident about the prospect.

That’s when he decided to improve their odds by showing up with a metal detector. And luck was on their side.

As Cheever was taking video of the gorgeous scenery, they actually found the ring!

Giguere tells WCVB that he thought it was really nice of them and plans to keep his ring at home, or in the car, the next time he hikes!

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