Tyler Farr keeps himself busy in the music video for 'A Guy Walks Into a Bar.' He plays his love song outside of a dimly lit tunnel, then serves up some drinks and breaks up a fight at a bar. And in the end, he gets the girl. Phew!

Farr is no stranger to a song about bars -- or drinking -- but 'A Guy Walks Into a Bar' is more of a love song than one about a cold one. The video kicks off in a crowded bar before cutting to Farr singing his song. The country singer then becomes the guy he sings about when he literally does walk into a bar.

That's where he spots her -- the girl with long blonde hair sitting at the bar, smiling. She and Farr make eye contact, and her smile only grows wider. Instead of ordering a drink like he says in the song, though, Farr gets behind the bar and serves them up. He seems friendly with his customers, but is more than friendly with the blonde.

While Farr is giving the lady his best pickup line, a bar fight breaks out not far from where he's standing. Duty calls and Farr is off to break the two men up, which is when the blonde meets another guy who she ultimately goes home with -- or so we think. The ending is a nice twist of fate, when the singer discovers her phone number while cleaning up, and then ...

Watch to see what happens!

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