Break ins significantly decreased in 2020 which makes sense because of the pandemic. People weren't leaving their homes so it is significantly harder for criminals to break in and steal stuff when the owners never leave. But that was not the case in 2019! FBI crime statistics show $15.8 billion was lost in home and property crimes in 2019.

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Now that restrictions are being lifted and we are allowed to travel again, we need to put home security back on the front burner. There are some specific actions you can take to protect your loved ones and possessions. A study conducted by is offering New Hampshire residents the best ways to avoid home crimes. The site analyzed the most recent data from the FBI and surveyed 448 people who were victims of home crimes.

So what should we be doing?

 Top 5 Home Modifications to Add:

1.       Outside lights (47% of people added these after experiencing a home crime)

2.       Alarm (45%)

3.       Change or add locks (43%)

4.       Beware of dog sign (30%) Even if you're dog is the teeniest, most adorable, Golden Doodle, still get the sign! Heck, even if you don't have a dog at all, get the sign!

5.       Curtains (25%). "Hey, that's a really nice flat screen TV!" The less people can see into your homes, the better.

·Top 5 Changes in Behavior to Make:

1.       Lock windows at night (47% of respondents started doing this after experiencing a home crime)

2.       Lock garage door (28%) So many people don't do this! My family NEVER did growing up and my dad constantly had beer go missing from our fridge in the garage. Granted, I was taking it but still.

3.       Hide outdoor valuables (25%)

4.       Purchased a gun (23%) We live in New Hampshire! Live free or die!

5.       Stop leaving keys in unexpected places (21%) Ah, people think they are being clever with the key holders that look like rocks conspicuously placed in their back yard. The bad guys know better. They are more clever than we think!

Check out the full study here!

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