Snow, you either love it or hate it.  There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. I don't get it why people hate snow, Personally I love snow. I really do, I mean is there anything better than drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream and looking out the window on a snowy day?  I love that and this video here might be the cutest thing you'll see today.  Snow to me means Christmas cookies are right around the corner.

Watching this little New Hampshire girl reacting to snow makes me remember the magic thanks to WMUR9 for sharing.  When the snow starts to fall it is like magic.  Suddenly the sky opens up and a quiet descends the world.  Freshly fallen snow makes the world seem fresh and new.  Like a clean slate.  All the forest creatures hunker down in their dens or nests and a peaceful quiet appears.

Fresh snow falling covering rooftops on houses, the streets, on the mountains, on trees's especially this time of year with people decorating their houses, with Christmas lights, Santa, reindeer, Happy Holidays!

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