As if it wasn't bad enough for spectators to see a dead minke whale wash ashore at Jenness State Beach in New Hampshire earlier this week, they also had to witness crews attempting to lower the carcass into a dumpster and failing miserably.

The dumpster, which was going to be used to transport the whale to a facility where professionals could perform a necropsy, proved to be a bit too small for the 16-foot marine mammal.

According to Jason Schreiber's article in the Union Leader, crowds gathered along Rye Beach to watch the front end loader bring the two-ton mammal to a nearby parking lot and lower it into the dumpster for transport. However, as you will see from the video, things didn't go as planned.

The article says the operator of the front-end loader believed the whale's head would be the first to fall into the dumpster and the tail would hang out. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and the whale ended up crashing to the pavement. Eventually, a larger dumpster was brought in to transport the minke whale for a necropsy, which will determine its cause of death.

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