Have you had that lifelong dream of owning your own waterfront property?

With two cottages and essentially 360 degrees of beautiful views, this slice of Maine heaven is located in the Midcoast area of Maine in the town of Harpswell.

It comes complete with two cottages, one of which was completely renovated in 2016, and two… islands!

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More often than not, island homes require a boat ride to get to and from the mainland, but not this one. There is access to drive, but you will need to time this out. Otherwise, things could go terribly wrong and your vehicle could suddenly turn into a non-functioning boat.

The water and waves typically remain low enough for vehicles to travel through during either side of the low tide, which is not only convenient for the owners and guests, but provides the peace of mind of emergency vehicles arriving sooner, as well as fuel deliveries and contractor visits.

If the tide does not coincide with your schedule, you can always use your boat to get to and from the island, assuming you have one. But if you lived here, why wouldn’t you?

If privacy is your thing, 19 Weezie Way, currently listed by Legacy Properties Sotheby's International Realty at $975,000, will quench that desire, as 95% of the two islands will belong solely to the owners.

The views and tranquility make this the perfect home (sorry, perfect homes) for anyone looking for the perfect waterfront property with the option to entertain guests. The two cottages have a combined total of almost 2,000 square feet of living space.

This Slice of Maine Heaven for Sale Comes With Two Cottages and Two Islands

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