Bud Thompson is pretty much the man! He has lived a very full life. According to the Concord Monitor, he dropped out of high school in the 1940s to join the military. When he returned from the war he traveled the country as a singing troubadour. LOVE THAT!

He then moved on from music and decided to open a museum. He had always been mesmerized by Indian culture ever since he was a little boy, thus the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, NH was born.

Even though Bud has accomplished so much, it was always in the back of his mind that he never received his high school diploma. So last Thursday when Bud was celebrating his 97th trip around the sun, he was presented with an honorary diploma from Kearsarge Regional High School! Twenty of his closest friends and family gathered to honor him and said all kinds of beautiful things about him.

The principal of Kearsarge Regional High School Rob Bennett spoke about how they preach to their students the importance of learning outside the classroom. Principal Bennett believes that Bud is a shining example of that and his life experiences certainly make up for the few credits he was short.

Congrats, Bud!! Now you have really done it all :)

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