Well, make sure you’re sitting near someone to hug. Or have a loved one on speed-dial. Or just a box of tissues.

A 94-year-old woman from Seabrook, New Hampshire, recently traveled to Nevada to see her 90-year-old “little” sister, and to say goodbye one final time. The story went viral when a video of their visit was uploaded to TikTok.

As reported by WMUR, the line tugging at everyone’s hearts is: “If we don't see each other on this earth, we'll see you in heaven.” But you never know, as even this reunion apparently took several years to orchestrate.

Due to the pandemic, the sisters had hoped to visit with each other for three years before the touching reunion. Barbara Carolan, 94, was accompanied by her granddaughter, who captured the moment and shared it on social media. Barbara had not seen her sister, Shirley, since 2020.

So far, the video has 13 million views on TikTok. Barbara’s granddaughter said that many strangers have reached out to share how powerful the video was, saying:

“What if this was your last time to see your loved one? Are you telling them the things that you want to tell them or you're saying the things that you want to say? Because if you're not, you may not get a chance again."

Said one TikTok user:

“This is so heartwarming. Thank you for sharing their love. Now I’ve got something in my eyes.”

Said another:

“Currently sobbing in Whole Foods and I don’t even have a sister.”

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