By now, most of us have our Christmas trees up. We’ve always used a fake one, and it’s always been a pain.

I'm not a fan of how the fake branches feel and we have to spread them out, but it makes my wife happy and that’ll motivate me to do it this way.

We are kinda throwing it together this year being new to the area. Our tree is in storage buried deep, and I can’t get to it without pulling everything out.

So, we grabbed a different fake tree and put whatever lights we could find on it.

Yup, they’re outdoor lights. Kinda redneck but it still looks good in the pic. Ha.

Sammy Cruise
Sammy Cruise


You might ask me why not go and get a real Christmas tree? The answer is, I don’t have to worry about any bugs.

Turns out, real Christmas trees can sometimes have bugs in them. I know, right?

Look at the branches for either actual bugs or eggs on them. Most tree lots shake the trees to remove extra pine needles and anything else that might be on a branch. It usually does the trick.

However, if you do see something like that, a simple vacuum works well.

Whatever you do, do NOT use bug spray on the tree.

It’s flammable and we can’t have that now can we?

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