Now that I am finally a resident of New Hampshire I am trying to step up my hiking game! There are so many gorgeous trails I can't wait to explore especially in the Fall. I thought the first step would be to join a few hiking groups on Facebook and scope out the best places to hike. Even if I never go on a single hike I can vicariously live through these folks who are.

I aspire to be someone who hikes the 48 tallest mountains above 4000 feet in the White Mountains. So the first step of that was to join the "Hike the 4000 footers of NH" Facebook group. My request is still pending but I have faith I will be accepted into this prestigious club! Lynn Kessler shared the video below with group. I found it fascinating and down right freaky.

What is happening here? It looks like the ground is breathing! Does it mean the roots of the tree are loose and that tree is about to fall? I'm not trying to be hilarious I am honestly asking.

A user named Heather Black posted a video in the comments of something similar she saw this past Sunday while hiking the Twins, Zealand and Hale.

I have never seen anything like that. It looks to me like there is a mystical and magical creature trying to emerge from the ground. That's probably what's happening, right?

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