Maybe our beloved, former New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski should stick to football. He and former New England Patriots teammate Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman were the stars of the show.  Literally.

According to, they were such a hit twitter exploded with love for the two.  It wasn’t so much their ability to play the game, Gronk failed pretty miserably attempting to make guesses from his teammate’s clues. I so related to Gronkowski because I stink at these type's of games as well.

I hope they have them back on again because although Gronk is not skilled at the $100,000 Pyramid game, he certainly knows how to put on a show and wow the crowd. According to, they say  that his performance on the show reminded a lot of viewers of Joey Tribbiani, an old fan favorite from the show “Friends.”  But I bet Joey Tribbiani never got up and flexed as the Gronk did.





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