How annoying is it when you pick up the phone and no one is on the other end? Or worse it is a robot telling you that if you don't pay your debt you will be abducted by aliens. Well, not in those exact words but you know what I mean!

I stopped answering numbers I do not know but for a while it tricked me. It LOOKS like someone you might know because the first 3 or sometimes even the first 6 digits are the same as your number. Sound familiar?

According to, there were 7.6 Million robocalls made last month in New Hampshire alone.

These are the top 5 robocallers last month:

[980-242-3698] [Health Insurance Spam] [Health Insurance Spam call]

[773-273-6136] [Health Insurance Spam] [Health Insurance Spam call]

[517-219-1107] [Portfolio Recovery] [Financial lender]

[800-955-6600] [Capital One Payments/Collections] [Payments/debt]

[603-573-9205] [Verizon Wireless] [Unknown robocaller]

Cell phone providers are trying to regulate robocalling as best they can but it is a huge problem across the country!

The moral of the story? Avoid picking up your phone for unfamiliar numbers if you can and before you call them back, do a little research to make sure it is a legitimate number.

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