Yes, you read that correctly.

Last year, yours truly went with a friend to the real Conjuring House in Rhode Island. For those unfamiliar with the 1736 colonial home, it's among the most famous allegedly haunted places in the country. The consistent paranormal activity tormenting the Perron family, who lived there in the 1970s, was the inspiration for the Conjuring film.

Meg via Townsquare Media
Meg via Townsquare Media

The Conjuring House was, is, and continues to be a hot spot for paranormal phenomena. Although no one currently lives there full-time, a devoted (and brave) staff run tours, investigations, and GHO events which are open to the public. You can learn more about these happenings here.

Now, on to the ghosts.

We experienced several strange things during our two-hour extended day tour of the home. Some of these occurrences could potentially be debunked. Others, not so much. We'll let you be the judge. Here's what we saw and heard during our time in the Conjuring House.

Meg via Townsquare Media
Meg via Townsquare Media

Disembodied Noises

Before the tour began, everyone was standing together in a room on the main floor. As our tour guide Marie started talking, this writer heard what sounded like someone moving around in one of the other rooms. These bumps were more than just creaks from an old house. When Marie was asked if another staff member was in the home, she stated that she was the only one there. Throughout our visit, we never saw another staff member anywhere on the property.

Moving Objects

Upon entering the dining area, we saw bundles of dried herbs dangling from the ceiling. All of them were still except for one, which was mysteriously swinging on its own. We looked around and observed that there wasn't a breeze, as none of the other bundles were moving. Later on, two of us went into one of the children's bedrooms and saw a blue beaded necklace hanging from a doorknob...and also swinging in a similar manner.

Strange Light Anomalies

In the home's basement, we saw what appeared to be a small, white ball of light appear on a metal chair. This could've been a phone reflection, but as a friend pointed out, those tend to move quickly and sporadically, whereas this light anomaly traveled slowly and lingered for several seconds. Even Marie seemed surprised.

Things Turning on by Themselves

Marie showed us a cat toy that lit up when you pushed a button on it. While trying to communicate with the home's spirit(s), the toy, which had been turned off and placed on a table, randomly lit up on its own. No one had touched it.

Last but Not Least...Talking to Ghosts

With the help of ghost hunting equipment such as an EMF detector, radio (used as a spirit box), and rem pod (a device that makes noise when it detects changes in the surrounding energy field), we all tried to make contact with whatever spirit(s) were present. Although we didn't always get responses, the ones we did receive were fascinating. When the spirit box was first turned on, we heard multiple "hi"'s or "hello"'s.

The activity surrounding the rem pod was particularly interesting. Most of the time, when we encouraged the spirits to respond by triggering the device, the rem pod would go off. Not only that, but when we then asked them to make the device stop beeping, it would almost always stop. At one point, this writer asked "if there are any female spirits here, could you please turn the rem pod on?"

Nothing. No response.

"Okay, followup question. If there are any male spirits here, could you please turn the rem pod on?"

Right on cue, it turned on.

"Alright, thank you. Could you please shut it off?"

A few seconds later, it turned off.

An Unforgettable Experience

Getting to explore and possibly communicate with spirits in the real Conjuring House was one of the coolest experiences ever. This writer highly recommends visiting, as long as you're willing to enter the home with a respectful disposition and open mind. As the property's website says, "our energy, attitudes, and beliefs are amplified here, whether our end goal seeks frightful or peaceful experiences...the impact can be transformative."

For more information about the Conjuring House, click here. Please note that only registered visitors are allowed on the property.

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