Ever wonder where old MBTA busses go? Many are out to pasture in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The Seashore Trolley Museum has trolleys from all over. Per their website, their collection includes vehicles from almost all major cities in the United States that had streetcar systems, as well as from other cities across the globe, to provide samples of how generations past moved about for work, school and leisure.

Credit: Andy Austin

Ever wonder how the suburbs became a thing? Take a train trolley ride, and your guide will reveal that priceless tidbit. Also, have you spent time at Six Flags, Funtown, Palace Playland, or any other amusement park? Learn the connection between trolleys and amusement parks. The history buff in the family will find it fascinating. Kids will love the train ride, and hopping aboard the various trolleys.

Credit: Andy Austin

You'll also see some of the work in progress, as with the Portland-Lewiston car.

Credit: Andy Austin

Get to the Seashore Trolley Museum by taking Exit 19 off the Maine Turnpike, North to Rt 1, to Log Cabin Road. GPS it at 195 Log Cabin Road Kennebunkport.

Per their website, tickets are;

$12 for Adults age 16 - 60

$10 for Adults age > 60

Free for Children age < 3

$5 for Children age 3 - 5

$9.50 for Children age 6 - 15