The third week of the Weight Loss Challenge was a lot easier than the second. I lost more weight, I'm sleeping better, and feeling great. As of yesterday I'm down to 197 pounds. I started at things are moving in the right direction.

I'm still not getting to the gym as frequently as I would like. I shoot for three or four times a week. But life happens, so it's been more like two or three times a week. That's something I plan to focus on more next week. Especially since Big Breakfast 5 Cities in 5 Days starts Monday. I'm going to need the gym to help keep off the weight I've shed.

One great thing that happened this week was discovering a tasty 100 calorie snack for those moments when I need something quick to keep me from getting hangry.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media
Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

This Oikos Triple Zero blended Greek yogurt is incredible. They have zero added sugar. Zero artificial sweeteners. Zero fat. But they're full of flavor. And they have 15 grams of protein. I got mine at Hannaford.

If you're like me...just trying to feel better and look better...stay strong. There are lots of temptations this time of year. Don't deny yourself the occasional treat. One ice cream cone, or a taco on Cinco de Mayo isn't going to derail everything. Just remember...moderation, some exercise, portion control, and drink that water!

Another Weight Loss Challenge update is coming soon.


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