This week brings the start of a new season. Well, two for Northern New England residents.

Budding trees, patches of grass, signing birds are all signs of spring, which officially kicks off Wednesday. A thawing planet earth in our neck of the woods also means the words soupy, ruts, and potholes.

Mud season in New Hampshire

Many snow covered roads are on their way back to dirt, but in-between, lots of mud. Throw overnight freezing temps into the mix, and a rut-filled road becomes hard to navigate the next morning. Communities all over the Granite State are once again struggling to keep up with changing conditions. Sunapee highway director Scott Hazelton told WMUR News 9 "We usually will come out here and fill in potholes to start, and then we will start filling in the ruts, and then we will start grading the gravel to try to keep them smooth."

Considered recreation for some becomes treacherous for others, with vehicles not as equipped for 'mudding'. Crews from all over the state are aking drivers to take it easy in the next few weeks. Try to avoid driving over the potholes, and be aware of making rutts in an effort to prevent people from getting stuck.

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