So, the secret is still not out.

According to, plans were submitted for a new grocery store chain to take over the old Shaw’s location at 1600 Woodbury Avenue, but what grocery store chain is still a secret.

When asked, an attorney for the property owner, Chris Mulligan, said it would be a store “like another planet,” the news article stated.

The name of the chain is still a mystery because the contract has not yet been signed.

The redevelopment plans look to be on a grand scale with the new space to include a café space and up to 58 outdoor seating spaces per reporting from The plans submitted do include a new driveway and there is a request for a variance for the sign.

The current space will be “repurposed into 4,147 square feet of separate, unrelated retail space, and 41,980 square feet of supermarket space.” All the plans were submitted without the name of the new grocer, so speculation is rampant.

The attorney for the property owner, Chris Mulligan says, “Everyone is going to love it," according to

For now, we will just have to speculate.  Stay tuned.

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