Recently, I made a trip to downtown Portsmouth and for the very first time, had a night out at the Portsmouth Brewery.

I've been living in New Hampshire for just over ten years now and have never stepped foot in any of the craft beer establishments. My supervisor here at the radio station, Joe Limardi, is leaving to go to work at one of our sister stations in New York, so before he left, being the craft beer aficionado that he is, he wanted to broaden my beverage horizons!

He decided on Portsmouth Brewery and I started off with the lightest beer they had. I'm not a huge drinker but once I had my first Pilsner, I was all in and ready to take on a flight of beers!

If I'm being honest, some of the beers on the flight, I couldn't handle. They were way too strong for my taste. But, there were others, that were tasty. I enjoyed trying to find all the flavor notes and ingredients. It was a lot of fun and I definitely learned about craft beers. Thanks, Joe!

The entire staff at The Portsmouth Brewery was awesome and didn't make fun of me for being a newbie! They were very helpful and answered any and all questions I had. Now, next time I head to The Portsmouth Brewery, I should try some food to go with that craft beer!

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