Perhaps you heard our Battle Royale on the air this morning regarding cereal milk. In case you missed it, I shall bring you up to speed!

Yesterday Bill and I were enjoying a post-show bowl of cereal in the WOKQ kitchen. Bill thought he was being a good helper by clearing my bowl and bringing it over to the sink. I wasn't done drinking the sugary milky goodness from the bottom of the bowl! THE NERVE!

It sparked a conversation that Bill thinks drinking the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl is disgusting unless it is a chocolate cereal and has turned your milk chocolate. I will always drink the milk because I am not a waster of food or beverage.

Some listeners feel passionately, like I do, that the "end of the cereal bowl" milk is by far the best part:

Some people feel like dumping it down the drain is the best life choice:

OR if you don't like soggy cereal but you don't want to be wasteful, here's a great option:

As it appears we are a world divided. I just hope one day the cereal milk drinkers can live amongst the milk dumpers in peace and harmony.

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